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This is the blog for a few guys who spend their time flying radio controlled gliders, or slope soarer's, from the many and varied slopes around SE Wales.

This usually begins at the northern end of Cardiff, driving north up the A470 up to the Heads of the Valley's and the southern fringe of the Brecon Beacons. But the A470 road continues its windy way all the way to N Wales.

There are many slopes available for most wind directions, the most famous being the area between Nant-y-Moel and Treorchi known as The Bwlch, which has some of the best slopes and flying in Europe with many F3F competitions being held there each year and visited by many fliers from Europe and around the world. At 1500 feet (450m) above sea level, there is usually more wind than not, and certainly more than at sea level.

If you require any further information, are new to slope soaring or are visiting the area, please contact Steve at steve.houghton59@gmail.com . I look forward to hearing from you.

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Friday, 18 August 2017

Weekend Flying Forecast 19th/20th August

Is it the weekend already? Where has this week gone?

If you are intending on doing some flying in S Wales this weekend, here is the weather you can expect.

Saturday - A dry but cloudy day with a westerly wind of about 16 mph, so that should easily give you well over 20 mph on the ridge. Your slope choices will be Rhossili, Mickey's and Eglwsylan.

Sunday - Sunday is looking like being wet with a SW wind of 13 mph. If you do decide to chance the rain, your best options are Mickey's and Meio.

This weekend is the penultimate PSSA Fly for Fun weekend of the year taking place at the Orme, Llandudno. Saturday is looking like being the best day with a 22 mph westerly, whilst Sunday is showing the wind veering all over the place, starting off at SSW in the morning, then in the afternoon going to ENE, then WNW, then back to S and SSW.

I'm not going to the PSS event this time as I'm on my summer holiday from the following weekend, then the weekend after I return I'm going to Newcastle Upon Tyne to compete in the Great North Run, Europe's biggest half marathon. So instead, I'm going to make the trip on Saturday to Rhossili to do some flying there, and meet up with my ole buddy Paul, from Slope Soaring Sussex, who is holidaying in the area.

So wherever you are flying this weekend, happy flying guys.


Friday, 11 August 2017

Flying forecast weekend 12th - 13th August

Our weather hasn't changed at all this last week, it's been changeable with sunshine, showers and cool temperatures. It's not like summer at all.

If you are planning on doing some flying, here is your weekend forecast.

Saturday - A dry but cloudy day with a NW breeze of about 13 mph, so you should get about 20 mph on the top of a slope. Your slope options are the Ice Cream Slope at The Bwlch, Abertwssyg, and Meio.

Sunday - Another dry but cloudy day with a SSW breeze of 5 - 8 mph. Your slope options are Mickey's at The Bwlch or Meio, but the wind could be a little off the face with a bit too much south in its direction. Time to break out those very light wind models I think.

I'm not flying this weekend as I have a music festival to go to on Saturday, and on Sunday I'm running in the Port Talbot half marathon, which doesn't take place in Port Talbot at all, but in the scenic Afan Forest. I shall be flying next weekend though as Paul from Slope Soaring Sussex is holidaying in the Rhossili area, and I intend on having some slope time with him.

Happy flying everyone


Friday, 4 August 2017

Featured Post

Hi guys - I haven't changed the "Featured Post" for a while, so I thought it was about time that I did.

So this one goes back to an absolutely fabulous days flying we had in early September 2014 on Mickey's, at the Bwlch.

I have to say that when the conditions are good on Mickey's, there are few slopes in the UK that can better this one.

Take a look and enjoy the video.

Weekend flying forecast 5th/6th August

This has been a week where southern Europe has been basking in 40° temperatures, but back in good ole Blighty, the weather has been total pants! In fact if I didn't know better, I'd have said that it was late October, with heavy showers and temperatures around 18°C. And guess what? This weekend isn't looking a whole lot better.

So if you're wanting to know what the weather has in store for some flying in SE Wales this weekend, then read on.

Saturday - A day of sunshine and showers, (no surprise there then), with westerly winds of around 15 mph. So your slope choices will be Rhossili, Mickey's and Eglwysilan.

Sunday - A drier day but with possible showers later in the day further out west. Wind starts out being westerly, 14 - 15 mph, but changing to south westerly by mid morning, so I wouldn't bother with Rhossilli today but head to Mickey's or Meio Common.

As for me? I'm probably going to chance the showers and head up to Mickey's for around midday on Saturday for 2 - 3 hours. I have race training to do on Sunday morning, followed by a hike up the Skirrid, Abergavenny in the afternoon.

If anyone is interested in my running exploits, you can check out my blog, Steve - the purple plodder.

Have a great weekend all.